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Google is pushing webmasters hard to speed up websites and make servers more efficient, how do they do this? by giving slow loading websites penalties and dropping them in their listings. If your site loads slowly you are annoying the two main groups you want to attract, search engines and of course website visitors.

There is no doubt about it and you know this yourself, if a website takes too long to load you either refresh the page or more likely leave, if refreshing the pages still leaves the visitor hanging, they're gone and probably wont come back.

Some servers and web hosting packages are pre-configured better than others in terms of how well they signal to web browsers which files can be cached and for how long.

Database server load - cheaper hosting packages are often 'over sold' - more sites are hosted than the server can reasonably be expected to manage, with a negative impact on site speed.

Also some sites add too much burden installing too many gizmos and gadgets and publishing too many on one page.

gzip compression - Joomla has an option (off by default) to compress the html it outputs, sending it to the web browser up-to ten times smaller and therefore ten time quicker. While this can help somewhat, it is better to get your web server to compress all of its text output - including Javascript, css and html. Where available this will produce a much greater speed increase.

Joomla has a number of levels of caching available, as well as third party add-ons that can add further layers of caching. These cache options can significantly optimise performance and speed up Joomla websites - but each has its own caveats and can introduce further issues for the unwary. We can guide you through the options available to you and ensure you don't get bitten by these issues.

We can speed up your Joomla website, reducing image file sizes, removing excessive and bad HTML code, condense CSS files to as few as possible (normally two - one template and one system), set headers and file extension caching, remove old unused redirects, etc.

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